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One of your drivers threatened to put a billet in my sons head with a family in his vehicle and you cant even report them

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

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What about you. Do you have a job.

Maybe you need to fill out the application form yourself.

Also if you make anymore posts about touching kids I will flag them. I noticed that they deleted one of your posts where you admitted to being attracted to children.


I do not have a jo because mostly jobs hace a criminal check. I face charges becuse i shook my son to near death.

I gate my son. I wished i fad killed him he lied about the Uber drive threatened to put a bullet in his head. My son was rud to the driver. He sword at the driver.

I am ashamed of him for acting like a idiot. I wished he would die


If you are going to call someone stupid, work on your English.

@Lyda Nfl

So I’m assuming you must be related to the Lyft driver who did this hahaha I was upset when writing thing I wrote quick and angry!! Imagine a grown old man threatening your 16 year old son stating he was going to put a bullet in his head in front of the family he was dropping off at the airport how would you feel?

All because we were saying goodbye to another one of my boys and his lady!

Crazy you would even comment on something like this but it’s ok I have his license plate his picture and I reported him to the cops and hopefully he looses his job. Someone in this mental state should not be driving with people in his vehicle this is just dangerous all around.


I am not related to this driver. Better be careful.

Your parents may see you lying and use the belt to your lying face. Grow up child.

Just because called you out does not mean that I know that driver. Your parents did a poor job of raising you.

@Lyda Nfl

You really are stupid and a idiot. I lied about my dad touching me because he and I were arguing.

So i said he raped me I wanted his friends to hate him. You are an idiot if you can't figure out this.


That is right. You are ASSuming. You are the true idiot.

@Lyda Nfl

I just found out that my stupid son lied to me. He was using profanity. The driver had it all recorded.

@Paytyn Sxp.

Funny people like you have no life but to comment on reviews online, pretty pathetic you must be an idiot with no life or no job I’m sorry I can teach you how to put applications in start your life somewhere! It would give you something to look forward too every morning besides go on a review forum and comment negative things!!! It would almost be like giving you some light in your dark life


Anoyhr lie from you. I DO WORK.

You call people idiots. You need to grow up child.

Also stop taking about daddy touching you. I reported that post.


I'll take you're leaving something out for $100.00 Alex. Are you saying that a random driver, out of the blue just threatened to take out your son? Or, did your mom-raised son test someone and failed?


You make no sense!!! No there’s more he was mad because we were saying goodbye Inconsiderate idiot is what that guy is, And you must be somebody with no life having to comment on stuff that doesn’t pertain to you


This is a public forum. Anyone can reply. If you could read English it would make sense

@Lyda Nfl

Exactly. She is a liar.

Not only that but she is a stupid idiot. She can't read simple second grade English. Her writing style is poor.

The people who she calls idiots ans stupid are smarter than her. Her parents need to use the belt on her lying face.


He did not.I just found out that my son lied to me. My son is an idiot. I wish he were never born.

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