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Update by user Sep 10, 2021

All I see is a bunch of POS a-trolls who are butt-hurt by proxy for a company that was okay with an employee who was okay with not having the decency to even pretend to be a professional. She could've told me it was stolen.

I wouldn't have known better. Instead, they basically said she was unprofessional, and there was nothing I could do about it. That's the principle and the point. Luckily, I have much smarter people with better lives, as evidenced by the fact that this is what is clever to them, to set me straight on what I should expect and accept from a business I am paying to, among other things, care...or pretend to.Whatever.

Have fun. Buh-bye.

Update by user Sep 10, 2021

Wow. What a bunch of *insert expletive here*.

I gladly admit I made a mistake, but for her to never even care to respond? This is customer service? For the company to throw the same form letter at someone with an issue?

This is why they can all get away with it. I hope you all get the service you deserve.

Update by user Jun 13, 2021

Last I heard was about three weeks ago. I got the same form letter garbage, through the BBB complaint I lodged, turned it down, saying that my question was about whether that person was still employed by Lyft, and I haven't heard a thing since. The BBB was as worthless as Lyft.

Original review updated by user May 15, 2021

Lyfted to Purgatory

I took a Lyft from an eyeglass place to a Wal-Mart, at around 1:30pm EST on Monday, May 10th. The driver, Mayra, was cordial, though neither of us spoke much.

I made the mistake of leaving my only phone in her car.

A Wal-Mart employee let me use her phone to try to contact Lyft.

The conveniently had no number for me to call, to speak to a person.

I wound up using that person's phone to book another Lyft to get home.

After I got home, at about 5p, I got a reply from a Lyft employee named Elena, letting me know that she had forwarded my email and street addresses to Mayra, with a request for contact.

The next day, around noon, I sent another email to inquire about my phone, as I still Hadn't heard back from them.

Elena responded that she'd reach out to Mayra again.

I replied that the drive could at least let me know if she had my phone, as I needed it for work, & it had all my info in it.

I had to get a new phone, to log into work, on the same day; emailed such by 3:18pm EST, stating that I still wanted the old one back, and that they could call me now, if necessary.

The response, by around 5:47p EST, was that they were unable to reach the driver, and that Its important to note that drivers are independent contractors and are not required to keep in direct contact with us, and the email also contained some link that didn't work.

I responded, letting them know that this was unacceptable, and that I wanted a supervisor, if the driver were still allowed to make money working for them after such behavior.

I also mentioned legal action.

I received my last response, from a Melisa, at about 6:44, which was a de facto shrug, stating that the driver had been unresponsive, and that they were unable to take any further action, but would let me know if they heard anything.

My final email to them mentioned that that reply hadn't fully answered my question, and that, if I didn't receive a meaningful reply, I'd be posting about all of this, names included, so everyone would know about their service.

It has been radio silence ever since. As far as I know this child I still employed by Lyft, making money; not even bothering to respond to situations such as this one.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lyft Customer Care.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Lyft Pros: Better than walking, Kind of.

Lyft Cons: Customer service.

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Honestly you are behaving like a two year old as everyone is saying.


What is the point of telling him. He is too thick to get it.


But someone needs to tell him.


Take this down....This nut is detailing an elder abuse situation. Forwarding link to the Hillsborough County Sheriff.


Well the grannny seems to have cameras in her home has this coward on tape hitting her, so it should not be hard to prove. He did say that she turned the tape over to the police.

Hopefully someone by the name of Bubba finds out that he abuses his poor granny and teaches him a lesson. Hopefully he drops the soap.

The fact that the poor granny has to install security cameras makes me wonder if this coward has abused her before. Or stolen from her before, or both.


One more thing I would like to mention, is it is immature for him to call people trolls and POS. Sounds to me like he abuses everyone, including defenseless old ladies.

He never takes fault for his errors. Just a two year old boy stuck in the body of a grown man.


He is trolling hopefully.


“ can all get away with it.” They can’t get away with “it” if YOU don’t leave you stuff behind. While admitting you were wrong may be a big thing in your little part of the planet, it means nothing elsewhere.

Time to move on with your (LOL) life. That junk phone is gone.


Just so you all know. I lost another phone.

A work phone. I did get my phone back. But the driver would not return it right away. He took 2 days to return the phone.

He wanted me to pay him $20 for returning the phone. I refused. He refused to let me have my phone back unless i paid fir his gasoline. I paid.

Since this is the third phone from work that i lost i was fired.

Had he returned the phone right away i would not have gad my third strike. He needs to be fired.


I am wondering if this child ever got his phone back?


Looks like an adult to me. Get your mom to get your eyes checked, kid.


They are not a kid, and if you could comprehend what you read you would know that the reason they are calling him a kid is because he is basically acting like a child. If he did not act like a child, he would not be called one.

He may be an adult but he acts like a child. The person whom you are quoting is not a kid, but since you are acting like a child I am going to call you kid.


Obviously they are referring him as a child, because of his immature behavior. The OP also called the driver a child, when obviously they are over 18 or 21, aka the conditions to work for Lyft.


Everyone knows he is not a kid. They are just calling him one because he is acting like a two year old.

@Tom Levanti

Exactly, if someone does not want to be referred to kid, they should stop throwing temper tantrums when they are told something they do not like reading.


Their eyes are fine, and they are probably not a kid. The person LOOKS like an adult, but ACTS like a child.

That is what they are trying to say.

Maybe they should have said adult and put quotes on the word adult. Maybe you need to get your parent to send you back to school.


Maybe you are a kid yourself to not understand why they called the user a kid. They were referred to as kid due to childish behavior.

@Cannen Qzp

Exactly they are trying to say that this adult acts like he is two year old.


You are dumb, they are calling this "adult" a child because of his behavior.. I believe the proper term is man child.


man child you mean.

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